Dizzy Rider


For Burning Man 2015, I am building a three-seater chopper for Hardly camp. I am following the camp's standard practice of using a 110cc Honda All-Terrain-Cycle as the base vehicle. There are three choppers currently in the camp, which share several common design motifs:

The Hardly camp's vision statement identifies the choppers as “triple levitated fusion powered glide cycles.”

Design sketches


Dizzy Rider design notes

Dizzy Rider will share the design motifs of the other Hardly choppers noted above. It will incorporate two new visual elements to provide a striking appearance on the playa and tie in to the 2015 Carnival of Mirrors theme.

Reference images of the three previous Hardly choppers

Fuser's superchopper
Sparkles' chopper
Krunch's Moon Chopper

Three choppers at night
Choppers in front of Hardly theme camp

Base vehicle, before mutation


Animated mockup

Work in progress

June 25 - new rear wheels, chassis cut and lengthened
July 2 - Forks extended, new front wheel, new engine mounted
July 3 - Framing the seats
July 31 - Wider seats, axle for dizzy wheels, new drive sprocket and chain, canopy in progress
July 31 - "Fusion core" light tunnel effect in progress

End game

August 24 - Nighttime front view
August 24 - Nighttime rear view

August 28 - daytime front view
August 28 - daytime rear view